Chia® is an oilseed with many nutrients

Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts chia seeds (Salvia hispanica)per 100 gper serving (15 g)GDA* per serving
Energy444 kcal (1.832 kJ)66 kcal (275 kJ)3,3 %
Total Fat31 g4,7 g6,7 %
saturated fatty acids3,8 g0,6 g3,0 %
Carbohydrates4,5 g0,7 g0,3 %
of which Sugar0,8 g0,1 g0,1 %
of which Fibres31,4 g4,7 g18,8 %
Protein21,2 g3,2 g6,4 %
Salt0,03 g< 0,01 g< 0,08 %
Polyunsaturated fatty acids24,2 g3,6 g22,5%
of which Omega-6 fatty acids5,7 g0,9 g6,4 %
of which From Omega-6 fatty acids18,5 g2,8 g> 100%
*GDA = percentage of the recommended daily intake
D-A-CH standard values of for daily intake of healthy and non pregnant women between the ages of 25 to 51 years

Omega-3 and dietary fiber

Omega-3 and dietary fiber

What makes Chia special, are its high portion of essential Omega-3 fatty acids (2,8 g/15 g). In one portion chia (15 g) are approximately 66 kcal. This is based on the high fat content.

The amount of dietary fiber (4,7 g/15 g) is also significant. Chia seeds are very popular amongst vegans and endurance athletes.