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Health Benefits
Everyone who wants to remain healthy can find a rich source of OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6 fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, roughage and antioxidants in Sachia.

The American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) considers chia as a healthy, dietary foodstuff. In a world where life quality is spoilt through the effect of denatured foodstuffs, Sachia helps to restore the balance in the body.

The regular intake of Sachia, either as seed, oil or roughage, regulates the choleserol levels, blood pressure and helps reduce weight. Therefore, Sachia also supports the human body against coronary and vascular diseases.

An addition of essential fatty acids is important for children, who don't like to take oils. The oil that is contained in the Sachia seed gives them OMEGA-3 and 6 fatty acids in an optimal ratio of 3:1, in an oil capsule.

The consumer finds an original source of foodstuff in Sachia, which helped human life grow for centuries. Chia seeds were a traditional foodstuff for the Aztecs and also played a central role in the pre Columbus civilization of the Mayas.

Sachia is a traditional and modern foodstuff par excellence.
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