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There are several possibilities to use Sachia products in the daily life.

Here are some examples for the different use of Sachia:

Sachia seed
Keep on fit and vital and use the Sachia seed as your daily dietary supplement in many recipes (look at Sachia recipes)

Sachia oil
Sachia oil is cold-pressed and can be used in the cold kitchen as well as for cooking and frying.

Sachia baking mixture for bread
There is nothing better than crispy, self- baked bread. Mix, knead twice, bake and the bread is finished!
For those who prefer to bake by themselves: Sachia seed and –oil are excellent ingredients for individual recipes.

Sachia capsule of oil
Sachia can also be absorbed as a capsule of oil. With the consumption of this capsule of oil , it is possible to guarantee the daily required ratio of OMEGA-3-und -6 fatty acids.

Pet food
Due to his very important nutritive content is Sachia very appreciated as pet food.
Sachia presscake is a source of OMEGA-3 fatty acids for breeding animals and poultry. Particularly for the production of eggs, which shall be rich of OMEGA-3, Sachia is really suitable.

Last Updated ( Mittwoch, 06 April 2011 )
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